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Why have multiple tabs open in your browser when you can get on top of all the latest news right on Spoutly? The app takes the most trusted news sources around the world and brings the stories directly to you. Talk about convenience!

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If you love movies, then you’ll definitely want to see the newest movie trailers for upcoming box office hits. While you’re at it, you can catch up on the latest celebrity rumors, sightings, and shenanigans. If you prefer Sports, not to worry, we have that too! We’ll take you around the globe for the latest updates in European football, tennis, golf, and more.

We also have Health and Wellness videos for those that are health-conscious. We’ll provide you with tips and information that you can incorporate into your everyday life with ease. We’ll have exercise pointers and videos about food and recipes. No need to endlessly surf the web looking for your interests because we’ll have everything right on Spoutly!

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Spoutly keeps you in contact with those you care about the most. We offer unlimited calling to mobile and landlines all over North America, 100% FREE of charge. Once Spoutly is installed, find a headset with a microphone and as long as you have a connection to the Internet, you’re good to go! That's no charges - EVER. Local or long-distance, it’s all the same. It definitely comes in handy for those who travel often. When a call home is all you need and you don’t want to worry about those extra charges on your bill, just use Spoutly!

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