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10 Unbelievable and Interesting Facts About Shaolin

Diana Rolland / December 15, 2017

9. Shaolin Once Became Integral in the Formation of an Imperial Dynasty


At around 581 to 618 A.D., Shaolin’s superiority had started taking root in China. This was before the end of the Sui Dynasty that had united the whole of China. Unfortunately, the dynasty was soon on its knees and facing demise after facing numerous revolts that culminated with the assassination of the dynasty’s emperor.


Immediately after the fall of the Sui Dynasty, several noble men began fighting for the control of the empire. One of these noble men was a former Sui general known as Wang Shichong who used his influence to strengthen his hold not just in the vast Zheng territory, but also on the crucial ancient capital of Luoyang.


Shichong built a signal tower and a military encampment at Mt. Huanyuan, which was donated to the Shaolin monks by Emperor Wen of Sui. Schicong’s invasion of the Shaolin holy mountain was as a result of his fear that the Shaolin monks would lay siege on his territory and topple him. He, in fact, sent his army to attack Shaolin monks and their monasteries. But in retaliation, the monks pledged their unwavering support to Schicong’s rival, Li Yuan, who would eventually become the emperor of the Tang Dynasty. The monks’ role in winning these battles ensured that they would be held in high regards by the Tang Dynasty, which they help create and rule for more than 300 hundred years.