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25 Most Dangerous Tourist Spots in the World

Ben Migono / September 8, 2017

Under normal circumstances, tourist destinations should be marvelously attractive and should provide visitors with the best relaxing atmosphere. They should provide tourists with a pleasurable environment to kick back and enjoy some downtime far away from their usual habitat and daily routines. The calming atmosphere is, in fact, what attracts tourists in the first place. However, there are some tourist spots around the world that are known to be quite dangerous.


While many tourists, especially during the summer, prefer the stereotypical lying in the beach and soaking in the sun kind of vacation, others are known to be adrenaline-seeking tourists who travel all over the world looking for some very dangerous tourists destinations. Whether you’re part of the latter category or prefer a relaxing and soothing environment, it might just be a truly good idea to avoid some of these spots because; they’re far more dangerous and a long way from being relaxing.


25. Nanjing Yangtze Bridge, China


China is known for building massive constructions in what may be an effort at keeping up with the rest of the world. One of such constructs is the huge four-mile Nanjing Yangtze Bridge, which is not just an engineering masterpiece, but also a truly colossal bridge complex.



Hopelessly, this masterpiece carries with it an unfortunate reputation of being one of the most popular suicide sites in the world. With more than 2,000 suicides recorded at the magnificent location, it’s just unimaginable that one would want to visit such a location and may be, just maybe witness a suicide.