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25 of the Most Jaw-Dropping Cultures in the World

Diana Rolland / July 11, 2017

Planet Earth is definitely one of the most diverse places in the universe. This diversity is shown most especially through the human race, which is undoubtedly not only very different from other living creatures, but also very different from itself. While we all know that we are created in a similar way and in the image of a Supreme Being (depending on your religious alignment), there’s no doubt that we’re very different as far as our principles, beliefs and cultures are concerned.


Here’s a perfect scenario. A couple of days back during the World Cup qualifier against Australia, the Saudi Arabia’s men national soccer team refused to observe a minute of silence for the victims of the London terrorist attacks that had recently taken place. As is always the norm in many soccer matches and anywhere else in the world, a minute of silence is often observed after a devastating calamity that claim lives, and especially when citizens of any of the countries involved were also victims. In this case, there were Australian citizens that died in the terror attack and anybody would expect both teams to respectfully observe the one minute silence.


Any one of us would think that a minute’s silence is a universal human race gesture of showing respect to the dead, but NO! The Saudi’s read from a different page and ultimately refused to observe it! Reason? They claim that a minute’s silence is ‘not in keeping with the Saudi Arabian culture!’ As you can see in this video, almost the entire Saudi team strolled off and began running through warm-ups with only one player, Salman Al-Faraj (wearing number 7), choosing to respectfully honor the dead.  Even though the Saudi team came under pressure and global outrage with some calling for their ban from international soccer, the team’s officials were adamant that a minute’s silence for the dead isn’t right in their culture and they would never do it!


Some may be of opinion that Western countries are magnifying the issue, but that’s far from true. Do you remember when the same Saudi Arabia’s soccer team refused to board a bus driven by a woman in Melbourne, Australia during a soccer tournament in 2015? According to them, women are not allowed to drive cars in their nation and peculiarly enough; Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women from driving cars.  They’d eventually board the bus after a male driver was brought in and strongly requested that they be assigned male drivers for the remainder of the tournament.


Does this sound strange? Well, wait until you go through this list of the most jaw-dropping and shocking cultures, rituals and traditions from around the world.


25. Bathroom Ban of Tidong



Marriage is one of the most important and universal rituals in almost every society. Its importance makes wedding such a big deal. Most of us are familiar with various wedding traditions such as the throwing of the bouquet and others. While such traditions may vary from culture to culture, there are others that are shocking to say the least. Have you ever heard of the bathroom ban?


The Tidong tribe of Indonesia takes things to a different shocking level by banning the newlyweds from using the bathroom for three days and three nights! In other words, they’re not allowed to bath, urinate or defecate for that entire period and are only given small amounts of food and drink while being watched closely by family members.


It’s widely believed that going against this custom would bring bad luck to the couple as their marriage would be affected with infidelity or even death their children. This is definitely one of the most absurd wedding traditions you’ll ever hear.