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25 Sexiest Movies Available on Netflix

Steve Porter / February 6, 2017

January may be coming to an end, but winter is still at its height. This is definitely that time of the year that the cold weather takes away all the fun. However, you can still ensure that winter remains a wonderful time of the year by turning up the heat, but because energy costs are at an all-time high, it’s essential to look for other options. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve compiled the 25 sexiest and steamiest movies that will undoubtedly keep the temperature way up.


All you have to do is go through this amazing list, grab some popcorn, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and settle in. The best part? They’re all available on Netflix! So as you can Netflix and Chill as you stream these steamy films.


25. Atonement (2007)



Set in the Second World War era, Atonement is a movie that brings forth emotional, dreamy and romantic moments of a haunting story of tragic love. This is a film that takes you through a lot of humor, heartbreak and beautiful romance.


Even though the movie begins with waves of joyful moments, it soon turns into an abyss of tragedy and loss that is in big part, caused by a single blunder that radically changes the destinies of three adults. This movie is hot, sensual and tragic to say the least. It’s a movie that is truly obsessed with the power of words and is portrayed with an ardent precision that has a stunning effect on the audience. Did we mention, it stars Keira Knightley?