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A Canadian Broke The Record For Longest Sniper Shot

Shelby Chau / July 14, 2017

The Canadian, a special forces sniper, destroyed the previous world record by 1,065 meters (3494 ft). The shot took place in Iraq where he hit an ISIS militant from over 2 miles away. The bullet was in flight for under 10 seconds before it found its mark. That’s a ridiculous amount of time to hit a potential moving target. Then there’s the wind, gravity, and even the Earth’s curve due to the distance.


The sniper was unnamed, but he was a member of an elite Canadian army unit called Joint Task Force 2, a unit which is similar to SEAL Team 6 of the US Navy. According to this report by The Globe and Mail, the sniper killed the Islamic State militant which disrupted an attack on Iraqi security forces.


The kill was confirmed with video and other data.


The weapon of choice for this sniper was the McMillan TAC-50. The previous record holder, a British sniper named Craig Harrison, shot a Taliban gunman using a 338 Lapua Magnum rifle in 2009. His shot was recorded at 2,475 metres.


Out of the top 5 longest sniper kills in recorded history, three of them were Canadians.


Not sure what they have up north, but it’s working.


Featured image via ctvnews (Stephen Thorne / THE CANADIAN PRESS)