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All Is Forgiven, Steve Bartman

Arin Spits / August 1, 2017

In one of the most infamous moments in recent memory, Steve Bartman was surely on track to go down as the most hated man in Chicago sports history.


Let’s just set the scene for you. It’s October 14, 2003, and the Chicago Cubs were five outs away from reaching their first World Series since 1945. The last time they won the World Series was back in 1908. The Florida Marlins had second baseman Luis Castillo up to bat with teammate Juan Pierre on second. Castillo lined a ball down the left field line and then this happened:



Moises Alou wasn’t able to make the catch, and then the game unraveled from there…



The Marlins scored eight runs to win 8-3, but wait, the heartbreak doesn’t stop there! The Cubs were leading 5-3 at one point the following night and allowed that lead to slip away as well, eventually losing the game 9-6 and the series.


In 2016, the Cubs finally got themselves over the hump by advancing to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. They even had to comeback in spectacular fashion by winning the last three games after trailing the series 3-1 in order to end their 108-year championship drought.


Now, 14 years after ‘the incident’, the Cubs have awarded the fan a customized World Series ring. It was presented to him in team president Thomas S. Ricketts’ office at Wrigley. No one can know how much Bartman has endured over the years, but hopefully now everyone can move on with their lives.


Featured image via nytimes (Chicago Cubs, via Associated Press)