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Anne Hathaway and James Corden Perform Every Rom Com

Shelby Chau / April 21, 2017

On the Late Late Show, James Corden was accompanied by actress, Anne Hathaway, as they performed one epic piece consisting of 10 songs.


The pair performed an entire sound track medley, acting out what every romantic comedy is about, over 9 sets, all done in one incredible take.



This is not Hathaway’s first time singing, as she starred and sang in Les Miserables (2012), and of course she did a phenomenal job. She started the set, acting out the typical rom com, with a scene of her unsatisfied with life, until she bumps into Corden, and they fall in love.


Of course there’s an intimate encounter in an elevator, and they end up head over heels in love. Until one is found cheating, there is obvious heart break to follow, with emotional breakdown and alcohol.


Hathaway’s broken hearted character decides to leave, but as we all know, Corden’s character chases after her in one last plea to get back together. The two lovers reunite, put aside their differences and make up.


Corden and Hathaway sang some classic love songs that mimic many rom com stories we’ve seen.


After their stellar performance, Rob Delaney and Armie Hammer joined in to discuss their favorite Rom Coms. It then became a discussion of what Rom Coms were, as their listed faves weren’t what Corden expected to be part of the genre. We’ll let you decide.



The trio of actors also gave the host some acting tips on how to act drunk. The secret is to spin around until you’re dizzy and not act like you’re drunk at all.



Finally, we learned some interesting and hilarious facts about Delaney and Hammer, as they revealed to the audience their secret business in their middle school years. It consisted of Playboy magazines, Penthouse magazines, and small bottles of lotion.