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Apple Says Bye-Bye To The iPod Nano and Shuffle

Steve Porter / July 28, 2017

The tech giant has recently announced plans to discontinue the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. Apart from the fact that these products haven’t been updated in forever, they were also the last two remaining music players that weren’t able to run the Apple Music streaming service. So while there was no streaming abilities, they were able to play music downloaded from iTunes.


It was a move to simplify the iPod range – now there’s only the Touch model left. While the Touch has been updated, Nanos and Shuffles have been removed from the company’s online store and soon they’ll be removed from Apple’s retail locations shortly.


The Shuffle was introduced in 2005 and was both innovative and controversial. Like its name alluded to, the music player offered music on a random ‘shuffled’ playlist, and without the use of a screen, users were blind to which song was coming on next. That was fine and all, until you wanted to find a song to listen to which was nearly impossible if you had upwards of 500 song on a 2GB device.


As an alternative, the Nano came with a screen and hit its peak in 2015 with the 7th gen model. 16gb could hold up to 4,000 songs and users had a choice of six different colors.


Now that they’re discontinued, would you keep yours?


Featured image via bbc