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Are We Destined For War? North Korea Leaning Towards Yes

Diana Rolland / October 18, 2017

If a nuclear war is in our future, North Korea says it’s possible and that it may break out in any moment. Not the most reassuring comment at all. The country’s UN ambassador let out a warning on Monday that it the situation may have reached a tipping point on the Korean peninsula and a nuclear way may be on the horizon.


Kim In Ryong said that North Korea has been under nuclear threat from the USA since the 70s and in self-defense, his country has the right to protect itself – in this case with nuclear weaponry. He mentioned the United States military exercises using ‘nuclear assets’ on a yearly basis, but said that the Western country’s plan to remove N. Korea’s leadership via a secret operation an even larger threat.


In North Korea’s arsenal is the H-bomb, atomic bomb, and intercontinental ballistic rockets. With this, he warned, they’ll be able to reach any part of the United States – that is if the US decides to make a move first.


Threats between the two nations have been slowly escalating for the past few months, and even the UN has started laying out tougher sanctions.


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