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Bill Gates Is SO RICH. Donates $4.6 Billion

Arin Spits / August 17, 2017

And guess how much of his net worth that accounted for? Only 5% of his massive fortune!


On Monday, a Securities & Exchange Commission filing that was released on Monday was found by Bloomberg, noted that Gates donated an astounding 64 million Microsoft shares on the 6th of July. It also happens to be the billionaire’s largest donation since 2000. At that time, he stock worth $5 billion to start the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Although the filing didn’t state exactly who benefited from the gift, it’s expected that it went straight to Gates’ charity. An estimate by the Chronicle of Philanthropy brings Gates’ donations to the foundation to over $18 billion.


Alongside the Giving Pledge co-creator, Warren Buffett, Gates is committed to donating most of his wealth to charity. The more he donates though, the less stake he seems to have in Microsoft. In 1996, his stake was 24%, but after his recent donation, it’s now down to 1.3%. Don’t let the number fool you though, he’s still plenty rich. His total wealth is estimated by Bloomberg to be over $85 billion.


When you talk about being rich, you don’t really know until you’re Bill Gates rich.


Featured image via ibtimes