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Bill Nye’s New Netflix Series Gets An Air Date

Steve Porter / February 9, 2017

Back in the 90’s, you would have a hard time trying to find someone who didn’t know who Bill Nye was. His smash hit show was a staple in the morning routines of an entire generation of kids (and adults) all over the world. It was a 30 minute live action science program, hosted by Bill Nye himself that aired on (among other networks) PBS. The series ran for 5 seasons, airing its first episode on September 10th, 1993, and after 100 episodes, its final episode aired on June 20th, 1998.



The image of Mr. Nye is unmistakable; tall, slender, a blue lab coat, and bow-tie. The show approached its topics with a fast-paced scene of brutal honesty mixed with action and age appropriate humor. He was like that teacher you loved without knowing why. It had something to do with how he hosted his show. He spoke to you, like you were on his level. He talked to you, not at you. Never was there a condescending tone to his teaching and his energy was just so real. You genuinely felt like he loved science and to share his discoveries with you.



Over the years, the world has looked to Bill as a scientific voice of reason in times of trouble. Often working as a scientific news correspondent or special guest commentator for events like the Indian Ocean tsunami and the all too recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. On the 8th of February, 2017, Netflix released the teaser trailer for Bill’s new upcoming series titled “Bill Nye Saves The World.” The Science Guy, educator, mechanical engineer, and curator of curiosity returns with a new show. Each episode will tackle a specific concept or topic using a panel of guests, discussions, correspondent reports from his crackerjack team, and his trademarked style of technical procedure mixed with personality.


And the show looks like it’s going to be kid safe too! Yep, another generation will get to experience all the wonder that is learning from this legend. So set your notifications for April 21st and get ready to binge-learn some sciency stuff.

Featured Image via: Businessinsider