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The Incredible Story of Caitlin the Dog

Arin Spits / November 27, 2016

Dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs? Can’t trust someone who just naturally has a dislike for our furry friends. Maybe you had a bad experience with a dog so it’s understandable that you may be skittish around them, but to hate them or wish everyone of them harm just because? Come on now.


Had a long stressful day? Boss been up your rear? Fighting with friends or family? Spent hours in traffic? Price of gas too high? Well guess what, when you get home, that dog of yours is waiting for you. Waiting to shower you with affection, drool, and shedded hair. See, that’s the thing about dogs, no matter what, they give us unwavering companionship and unconditional love. You are their everything, their whole world.


There is a special place in the depths of hell reserved for those who bring pain to animals. The sad part is that animals will still love those who bring them harm because in situations like this, they don’t know any better – like a human in an abusive relationship. After a while, violence is accepted and at times even appreciated because it’s attention and interaction and in warped way, the abused one thinks that it’s better than nothing.



In the video posted to YouTube by Barkbox, we meet a beautiful Staffie-mix named Caitlyn who was rescued in July of 2014 by Charleston Animal Society (CAS).  Caitlyn was discovered with her muzzle tightly wrapped with electrical tape, leaving her unable to eat or drink. She surely would have died from starvation had she not been rescued. Her snout was left cartoonishly disfigured and swollen, but due to the love and kindness of the rescuers and veterinary technicians, she survived.




She endured multiple surgeries such as reconstruction to her cheeks, laser treatments, and a procedure to repair a damaged salivary gland. She underwent a lengthy recovery that was at times grueling and painful, but now has transitioned gracefully from an abused animal to an ambassador against animal cruelty.


On this special day Caitlyn was given “The Bone To The City,” a symbolic engraved dog tag in the shape of a bone. BarkBox, the CAS, and the city of Charleston got together to give this little trooper her best day ever!




Firstly, Caitlyn was taken to a dog park where a giant gift was waiting for her. Inside she found it was stuffed to the brim with her favorite thing, squeaky tennis balls!! After burning off some energy, she was brought to the local fire house where she was made an honorary   firehouse dog and got to spend some time with a local firefighter named Josh Allen. While going through recovery, Josh came and comforted her at the animal hospital all the time.




Next up was a stop at the local Starbucks where she got a chance to refuel. Caitlyn then went back to the animal shelter that saved her life where she found a literal truckload of toys waiting for her! BarkBox (then Barkpost) presented the shelter with a donation of $1000 and a  wagon full of blankets to help the animals stay warm and cozy. The shelter let all the dogs out of their cages to come and play with all the new toys. The room was full of happy hearts and wagging tails. “It’s like Santa-Paws came to town,” said one of Caitlin’s caregivers.




Caitlyn was welcomed into a loving forever home. It was actually a family that agreed to foster her while she awaited adoption, but once there she became part of the family and they just couldn’t let her leave. CAS has started a charity in Caitlin’s name and you can donate to their cause here!



source: counton2


William Leonard Dodson; Caitlyn’s abuser pled guilty to animal cruelty charges  and is awaiting trial in jail where he faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $5000. Why did all of this have to happen? Why did this man do such a horrible thing to such a lovely animal? The alleged reason was that she “wouldn’t stop barking”.  Disgusting.



source: BarkBox


Here’s a little more about BarkBox . It’s a monthly subscription service for your furry friend! Every month you get a box and inside you will find 4-6 natural treats, themed toys, and more. Barkbox offers 1, 6 or 12 month plans. The company supports 3,000 plus shelters, rescues, and non-profits. Plans range from $35 for a single month to $249 for a 12-month plan. Think about all the money you spend in a year on fun gifts and treats for your dog – this is a pretty amazing deal!


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