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Cards Against Humanity Foils Trump’s Wall Plan

Arin Spits / November 17, 2017

If you’ve never heard of Cards Against Humanity, it’s the party card game (and company) where words and phrases are combined with fill-in-the-blank statements which when placed in the wrong (or right) person’s hands, can produce politically incorrect, risqué, and downright offensive statements – which is a ton of fun in group settings.


Now, the Chicago-based company set up a microsite with the intention of ‘saving America’. It’s actually a ploy to plug their holiday promotion, but hey, I’m writing about it so it worked. It’s gained a wealth of media attention already – not for its offer – but because on the first day of their campaign, the company purchased land that separated the Mexico-USA border, and didn’t build a wall. They even went down the legal route from preventing the government from ever building the wall on that land.



Everyone that paid $15 to join the promo, essentially got a piece of that land as one of their 6 surprises as stated in the promotion. For $15, I’d buy some land. Unfortunately, by Wednesday morning, Cards Against Humanity already said they were sold out. They launched the campaign on Tuesday.


The company has been known to engage in pranks – such as selling $50,000 of nothing on Black Friday and last year, raising $100,000 to dig a hole which went nowhere.


Have you participated in any of their promotions? Was it worth the money? (I bet it was!)