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Carmelo Anthony is Now Part of The Oklahoma City Thunder

Ben Migono / September 25, 2017

Oh boy, the West suddenly got much more fierce. With the Golden State Warriors at the top of the hill, teams are starting to put all their chips in to try to over take them. The Houston Rockets added point guard Chris Paul with an already loaded 3-pt happy lineup, the Minnesota Timberwolves added Jimmy Butler, and now the Oklahoma City Thunder have surrounded MVP Russell Westbrook with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.


The deal was first reported on the 23rd of October which saw Anthony going to OKC while the New York Knicks received Doug McDermott, Enes Kanter, and a future draft pick. Melo had a no-trade clause and in July, was only open to only joining Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston. With training camp looming in just a week, he finally added more options in the form of Oklahoma and Cleveland.


From OKC’s standpoint, they really didn’t have to give up all that much. McDermott wasn’t going to be a big factor with George on the roster, and Kanter’s production was hindered by Steven Adams. Now OKC have fire power not seen since the days of a young Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden combo.


Just imagine teams trying to figure out how to guard a lineup featuring the likes of PG, Melo, Westbrook, Adams, and another filler it really doesn’t matter, that’s plenty to deal with already. Can you say contender?


Of course, like anything in sports, what looks good on paper may not translate well in reality. We’ll get to see come October 19 when OKC opens their 2017-18 campaign against, ironically, the New York Knicks.


Featured image via bleacherreport