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Charlie Puth Releases Steamy New Music Video

Shelby Chau / April 24, 2017

The 25-year-old Charlie Puth just released a new hit single and steamy music video titled, ‘Attention’. The song is super catchy and it’s definitely going to stay on the charts and become one of the songs of the summer. Attention is an upbeat, bouncy song with a groovy bass line which contrasts his other piano ballad and doo-wop songs that we’re used to from the singer, but we like the change.



The steamy music video focuses on Puth and a gorgeous lingerie-clad beauty, as you see both the ups and downs of their relationship. The video contrasts intimate make out sessions and the gorgeous blonde in nothing but lingerie, to the couple yelling and fighting with each other, with things being thrown, and being shattered left, right and center. It’s rumored that the bad break up song was written about his ex, actress, and singer, Bella Thorne.


The video is set at the club, in a studio, a luxury apartment, and in his own art installation, called The Attention Room located in Los Angeles which has just been opened to the public. The immersive exhibit is only open until April 30.



You can see more of the exhibit in the dance video for the song, that is directed by Tim Milgram, showcasing awesome dance moves and a ton of cool LED effects. The lighting of the exhibit replicates the reaction of the brain when someone receives attention.



‘Attention’ is from the Grammy nominated singer’s forthcoming second album and was also produced by himself. This is Puth’s first new music since his debut album, Nine Track Mind, which featured collaborations with artists like Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez. Puth will join the Illuminate World Tour with Shawn Mendes in the Summer.