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Charlie Sheen Owes Almost $5 Million in Unpaid Taxes

spoutly / May 3, 2018

Charlie Sheen is in serious trouble with the taxman: according to recent reports, the actor owes almost $5 million in unpaid back taxes. The Blast reports that the IRS issued a federal tax lien—meaning that they could seize his assets or properties—to fulfill his stunning debt of $4,967,376…oh, and 31 cents.

The taxes in question date back to 2015, which is around the time when Charlie Sheen fell out of the public eye. The former star had already lost most of his luster after a series of bizarre television appearances fueled by drinking and drugs. Rewind five years to 2010 and Sheen was the highest-paid actor in TV, making $1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men on CBS. Then the show went on hiatus when Sheen entered rehab and, in 2011, the actor was fired after bashing the series’ creator, Chuck Lorre, during a public meltdown that proved that his stint and rehab wasn’t 100% effective. After he was replaced by Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men, Sheen managed to land a starring role on Anger Management on FX but lost a lot of his earning power. In 2015, he dropped off the radar completely after revealing that he was suffering from HIV.

Looks like Sheen wasn’t managing his money very carefully in 2015 and certainly hasn’t had any lucrative roles in the intervening years. Now the IRS is on his tail for a few hefty bills he owes Uncle Sam.