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Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrate 20 Years Together

Arin Spits / February 27, 2017

Love is a universal language, it transcends boundaries, mends wounds, and can elevate us to something far beyond the cosmos. For most, the idea is simple. Be you, be open, be receptive, be respectful, and trust. By doing so, eventually you will, god willing, be in a position where the stars align and you find someone you connect with. And if everything goes well, you just might fall in love and spend the rest of your life with this special someone. But for others on Earth, the idea of finding a soul mate is far more difficult and complicated.



Back in 2015, A&E started airing “Born This Way,” a series that featured a handful of young adults who were born with Down syndrome as they pursue their passions while simultaneously defying the expectations society has placed on them. A recurring narrative expressed by the stars of the show was their longing for love, connections, and relationships. Who can blame them when the stereotypes are drilled into everyone’s heads starting at an early age that, “You’re less of a person if no one wants to spend their lives with you.”  



Here’s a happy little story for you. Meet Mr. and Ms. Pilling; a couple with Down Syndrome that should serve as a shining light for parents of special needs children. The pair are believed to be (one of- if not) the first couple with the disability to be married in the UK and they have recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. Maryanne and her husband, Tommy, dealt with criticism from skeptics when they decided to get hitched. “My wedding day was the best day of my life and I was shocked when Tommy proposed to me. I didn’t have to think twice about saying yes. Tommy and I never argue, he’s my best friend,” she said when questioned about their relationship.


Image source: Facebook


Mr. & Ms. Pilling have a Facebook account that is ran by Maryanne’s sister, Lindi. On the page you can find pictures chronicling the couple’s adventures. The pair continue to prove their skeptics wrong. They live together independently, in their own home, next door to family so in the event of needing help, it’s always close by.  At the time of writing this article, their Facebook page has nearly 10,000 followers and they have been showered with messages showing love, kindness and unwavering support. Be sure to share this story to help spread awareness and give hope to those dealing with similar situations.


Featured image Via: Facebook