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Delta Learns From United, Increases Compensation For Bumped Passengers

Diana Rolland / April 23, 2017

United Airlines had possibly the worst PR week in the history of the airline industry and carriers are now learning from United’s mistakes of how overbooked flights are handled. One such airline, Delta, is giving their supervisors the authorization to offer up to $9,950 to passengers who are willing to switch flights.


The dramatic increase is substantial. Previously, Delta gate agents who were authorized to offer up to $800 to passengers who volunteer to be bumped, are now authorized to offer $2,000. Also, supervisors who can now offer $9,950, were only allowed to offer up to $2,000.


Check out how these airlines trolled United after the incident:



It’s highly unlikely that Delta would need to go all the way up to $9,950 to bump a passenger. If they offered $5,000 for your seat, wouldn’t you take it? Bet the person beside you would. And that’s the game passengers will need to play – you might want to wait a bit longer at a chance for extra cash, but that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t jump at the offer sooner.


As for United, they’re still trying to recover from their living nightmare. So far they’ve offered a real apology (after their first attempt fell flat) and are looking into their policies to ensure this never happens again. They’ve also promised never to use law enforcement to remove paying customers from their flights. Gee, thanks.


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