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Derrick Rose Is Injured… Again. Will Miss Rest Of Season

Ben Migono / April 3, 2017

What could have been. That must be running through his mind and the minds of every die-hard Derrick Rose fan out there. With the hype surrounding him during his high school days leading up to his tenure as a Memphis Tiger, he burst on to the NBA scene in the 2008-09 season to earn Rookie of the Year honors with the Chicago Bulls.


He followed up his amazing rookie season with his first All-Star appearance in 2009-10. At age 22 and his third year in the NBA, Rose put up his best season to date, leading his Chicago Bulls to a 62-20 record and to the top of the Eastern Conference standings. Rose averaged 25.0 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 7.7 assists which propelled him to receive the MVP Award as will as a spot on the All-NBA team that year.



Things were as bright as ever for the exciting point guard, but in a 66-game NBA shortened season in 2011-12, Rose’s injury troubles went from minor to major in the blink of an eye. Playing in only 39 of those games, Rose had injuries ranging from a sprained big toe to back issues to a groin injury which forced him out of action for 12 games. His absence wasn’t detrimental to the team as the Bulls still made it to the playoffs. And that’s when Rose’s downfall began.


With less than two minutes to go in the game and the game seemingly already in hand, Rose was still on the floor and when he went jumped into the lane, the force to his knee was overwhelming and he immediately went to the floor in pain:



After receiving results of an MRI, we learned that Rose had torn his ACL in the left knee and would be done for the playoffs. Not only that, but with a recovery timetable of 8-10 months after surgery, Rose’s 2012-13 season was essentially over before it even began.


At age 25, Rose was back to playing again in the 2013-14 season but his return did not last long. After playing only 10 games, Rose was injured on a non-contact play trying to perform a backdoor cut and it was eventually revealed that he tore his meniscus in his right knee and had to undergo another round of season-ending surgery.



Rose was back to start in the 2014-15 season, but on February 24, 2015, it was announced that Rose suffered another meniscus tear in his right knee. This time though, his recovery period was only for four to six weeks and was able to help the Bulls proceed into the second round of the playoffs, eventually losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers.



In the 2015-16 season, his final as a Chicago Bull, minor injuries here and there kept him out of action, but didn’t suffer anything serious to his knees.


This year, Rose was staying healthy and was looking to rebuild on a career that was so hampered with injuries. And just when you thought things were getting better, Rose’s knees failed him again. It was revealed that Rose tore the meniscus in his left knee this time, the same knee which suffered the ACL injury, and would miss the remainder of the 2016-17 NBA season.



At this point, there’s no way that Rose could ever return to his MVP form. Healthy knees are vital in helping him regain the explosiveness which made him such an exciting and dangerous offensive weapon. Now with both knees suffering from years of hard impact, it’s hard to say what Rose’s future holds.


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