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Did You Hear? Air Canada Almost Landed On FULL TAXIWAY

Shelby Chau / August 3, 2017

Let’s start by saying, it could have been worse… A LOT WORSE. No one died, a mistake was made, but now it’s time to find out what went wrong and what can be done about it.


Yesterday, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), released some pictures from its investigation into an incident involving an Air Canada jet attempting to land in San Francisco on July 7th. AC Flight 759 was said to have come as close as 100 feet to a near-disaster, but that number shrunk to a shocking 59 feet according to NTSB.


From the interviews with the pilots of the Airbus A320 in question, both pilots said that they thought they were lined up for 28R and believed that 28L was the lighted runway on their left. 28L was actually closed at the time, and they were actually lined up with taxiway C.


Problem was, taxiway C had FOUR FULLY LOADED PASSENGER JETS. These included three flights for United Airlines and one for Philippines Airlines. Two of the planes were Boeing 787 Dreamliners, one was a Boeing 737, and the Philippines Airlines jet was an Airbus A340.



A pilot in the taxiway radioed the control tower when he saw what was happening. At 23:56:10, the tower told the Air Canada plane to ‘go-around’. As of now, investigators still haven’t concluded what caused the near disaster. The taxiway was lit up normally with blue lights – unlike the white lights from the runways.


Also, maybe it would be better if the runways and taxiways were next to each other? Just a thought.


Featured image via aircanada. Images via msn (NTSB)