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Door Locks Designed To Save Lives

Diana Rolland / February 2, 2017

With many senseless tragedies and active-shooter situations over the years, military veteran, SWAT team member and law enforcement professional, Troy Lowe invented some door locks to be used during lock-down situations to deny access from attackers and intruders.


Seeing how fast people begin to panic in these types of situations, Troy saw the need for door security that was simple to use, fast to deploy and highly effective in emergency situations.


He designed the Barracuda Intruder Defense System against active-shooter situations as well as unwanted intruders, providing a solution for people to secure doors immediately.
With his experience in law enforcement, he teamed up with Bilco, to build these door locks that fit both inward and outward swinging doors, with the goal of protecting and saving lives.



These locks are lightweight for easy use and positioning, but also extremely durable and secure, constructed with heavy-duty steel. These devices lock vertical doors, hold outward swinging doors shut, and they slide under inward swinging doors to create blockage.


The different designs include Model DSO for outward swinging doors, Model DSI for inward swinging doors, and Model DCS for scissor action door closers, which are used in conjunction with the DSI or DSO locks for added security.


These free-standing locks are very quick and easy to use to minimize panic, and can be installed on doors in seconds, securely locking any entry points in lockdown situations. They do not become permanently attached to doors, so they can be transferred to other access points.



This defense system is currently being used in Troy’s shooter response training programs and the public response about these locks has been overwhelmingly positive.


Bilco has been in the building industry since 1926 and is the industry leader and worldwide source in the design and manufacture of specialty access products for both commercial and residential markets.


They can be purchased here and for more information, you can visit the Bilco website here.


All images via Bilco