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Elon Musk Is Skeptical of a Future With Flying Cars

Steve Porter / April 30, 2017

Just recently, Uber held the “Uber Elevate Summit” over the course of two-days in Dallas for the first flying car conference in history. There were panels and there was a big prediction – Uber will test out its first commuter aircraft by 2020. On Friday though, Elon Musk decided to insult the idea before it even has a chance to take off.


During an interview in Vancouver at TED 2017, Musk’s stance on flying cars maintained the same as the time he was featured in a Bloomberg article in February.


In terms of flying cars, Musk thinks that they’ll be very loud and they’ll also produce a lot of wind. But that’s not all, what if you have flying vehicles flying overhead – it’s not the safest feeling to have. You’ve heard of stories about wheels coming loose from cars and trucks – what happens when things start falling off of flying cars?


In February, Musk gave an example in the Bloomberg article that if someone neglects to maintain their flying car properly, a loose hubcap could fall and chop off your head. Definitely not the kind of worry you want when you’re outside walking your way to work!


The comments he made were taken more as a slight on Uber’s part since Uber and Tesla are on a collision course when it comes ride-sharing. Tesla is working on autonomous cars which one day could compete for Uber’s customers.


Featured image via CBC (Mike Femia/TED)