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Floor Tiles Convert Footsteps Into Electricity

Ben Migono / February 9, 2017

The brilliance of innovative ideas is remarkable, but it’s especially remarkable when it takes existing things and creates something new. That’s the vision behind Laurence Kemball-Cook’s Pavegen solutions, which converts regular footsteps into electricity.



Laurence’s vision for Pavegen, who founded the company in 2009, is to redefine sustainability in the built environment. With a multifunctional flooring system of tiles, it uses the power of footsteps to create kinetic energy which is then converted into renewable energy, and the renewable energy can power things like street lights, or public signage.


With each step, a tile can produce up to seven watts of power, so this flooring solution is ideal for populated areas with high traffic, such as shopping centres, train stations, airports and other public spaces.



These customizable tiles are equipped with technology that also captures and transmits data. The data can be used for comprehensive analytics to monitor directional flow, movement patterns, consumer behavior and can also predict things like prime locations and peak timings.


Even further, the captured data is converted into a digital currency of energy which can be directly credited to an individual, and this energy can be used to reward an individual’s loyalty or can be donated to charitable causes.


This smart flooring solution can is also capable of supporting advertising campaigns, and interactive messaging, perfect for businesses and branding.


Laurence’s goal is to change and impact communities and bring energy to those who may be lacking it.



Pavegen already has many permanent installations around the world, such as in London, Melbourne, South Africa, Washington and in Rio de Janeiro. You can check out their website for more information.


Featured image via Pavegen