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Future World’s Biggest Rabbit Died On A United Airlines Flight

Arin Spits / April 27, 2017

Um, is anyone even trying anymore who’s working at or for United Airlines? This feels like a company where everyone is showing up for a paycheck and phoning it in everyday. Sounds like Adam Sandler amirite? All kidding aside, United is in a PR hole and they keep digging themselves even deeper.


The latest disaster stems from the death of a pet. Of course, it wasn’t just any old pet, this was a giant rabbit destined to be the biggest in the world. And no one knows how.


The three-foot rabbit named Simon was on his way to the US to his new owner, but passed away in the cargo area of the Boeing 767 from Heathrow. His breeder, Annette Edwards, said he was perfectly healthy and has never experienced something like this before – and she’s sent rabbits all around the world.



She even said Simon was checked by the vet prior to boarding the flight. He was fine then, but was later found dead when the plane landed at O’Hare, you know, the same airport where Dr. Dao was dragged off a United plane – in a less than acceptable manner.


Now, United is looking down the barrel at another legal claim, this time from Simon’s potential owner (a famous one at that according to Annette) and the breeder herself.


These rabbits aren’t cheap either. It costs £5,000 a year to keep continental giant rabbits, but Simon was special. He was on pace to become bigger than the current world’s biggest rabbit, Darius, his 4ft 4in father. Womp womp.


In the meantime, UA said they’re reviewing the matter.


Featured image via thesun.co.uk