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Guy Creates Dating App – And He’s The Only Man Available

Arin Spits / February 10, 2017

There is research out there that would point out that those in long-term relationships (or married) tend to be happier overall than single people. In this 2015 report by the Daily Mail, the National Bureau of Economic Research in Canada revealed that married couples are happier than single people. It doesn’t just have to be marriage either, those who lived together in a long-term relationship reported similar levels of happiness.


While there weren’t too many details, if a single person is looking to get into a relationship, but hasn’t found the right person yet, it’s understandable that this person would be happier if they were in a relationship when compared to their current situation.



As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Shed Simove, a 45-year old author, creator, entrepreneur, performer, (and the list goes on actually), decided to increase his chances of finding love by creating a ‘Tinder-style” dating app – just with one catch. Literally speaking, he’s the only catch – no other man is available on the app, and as you’d might expect in dating, 100% visibility is a good thing. This fits in with his brilliant tagline on the Shinder site, quality, not quantity.


He’s effectively created his own dating ecosystem, where supply and demand are drastically skewed in his favor. And the best part is, it’s kinda working. While speaking to the Mirror, he’s already gotten 100 matches so far, with one date pending.


Clearly, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. And hey, if you like what he’s doing, give it a shot at Shinder.me.


Featured image via Facebook