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Here’s an SNES Classic Update

Steve Porter / September 28, 2017

Fans of the NES Classic will be, and should be, drooling over the SNES Classic set for release on September 29, 2017. For starters, customers state-side can expect to pay around $80 USD (this equates to 60 GBP or 7,980 Yen) for the console, but considering what happened with the NES Classic, getting your hands on one in the first place might be tricky. Nintendo, though, has been keen on making sure that it won’t be as bad as last year.


From the Japanese gaming giant themselves, they stated that they’ll be increasing the amount of available units for distribution, and they’ll be producing the miniature consoles in larger quantities. If you happen to run into problems finding one still, the company has advised fans not to overspend on SNES consoles posted online by resellers, usually with a signficant markup. This shouldn’t be a repeat of the NES Classic launch. Units will be available at retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon and GameStop.



When it comes to titles, you won’t find Chrono Triggers unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean it’s a weak lineup by any means. There’s still Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World and Super Mario RPG, just to name a few. One game that’s getting a lot of attention is Star Fox 2. If you happen to pick up a SNES Classic, be sure to play that first!


Featured image via arstechnica