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How Was Your Cyber Monday?

Steve Porter / November 28, 2017

You know, it’s the first Monday back after a long weekend. And while you may have been sitting at your desk, it probably wasn’t work that you were doing. After all, Cyber Monday is all about the deals you can only get online – at least that’s how the whole notion came to be.


In fact, if you did happen to make a purchase yesterday, you could have contributed to the $3.38 billion in online sales when the work day came to a close on Monday evening. Adobe Analytics predicted sales of up to $6.6 billion, a 16.5% increase from the $5.65 billion set the year before. Biggest online shopping day in US history? Easily.


Surges are normally expected between 8pm and 11pm. This is when consumers finally commit to making a purchade decision while the urgency of getting the deal before deals end at midnight is a strong motivating factor.


Amazon could take home a 42% share of all online sales on Monday. They’ve done a great job in getting the products that people want, into their hands faster than anybody else. Wal-Mart is making gains though. Last year their prices were 3% higher than Amazon’s whereas prices were only about 0.3% more expensive this year.


How did you do on Cyber Monday?


Featured image via valuewalk