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Hurricane Irma Leaving a Path of Destruction

Diana Rolland / September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma is not playing around. The Category 5 hurricane is one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever touch down on land. With wind speeds of 185 miles an hour, it’s one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded (by wind speed). On Wedndesday, the hurricane hit the Caribbean islands, but the brunt of the destruction was felt by Antigua and Barbuda. In fact, Prime Minister Browne Antigua and Barbuda announced at a press conference that 90% of the island’s structures were destroyed.



At this point, three hurricanes are currently in effect at the same time.



The US National Hurricane Center said Jose is not an immediate threat, but with winds of 75 MPH (120 km an hour) and growing, a change in direction could be dangerous. Hurricane Katia formed near Mexico with 75 MPH winds and is expected to head towards the coast by Thursday.


Currently, officials in Florida are preparing for the inevitable arrival of Irma. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, declared a state of emergency and expects that if Irma does reach his state, it would be a Category 4 hurricane. In the Florida Keys, mandatory evacuation orders are already underway.


Be safe everybody!


Featured image via businessinsider (National Hurricane Center)