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Inside the World of Billionaires: 25 of the Most Eccentric Billionaire Moves

Shelby Chau / July 5, 2017

Money is the root of all evil, so they say. But let’s be honest here; everyone wants to be loaded with lots of money. In other words, we all want to be rich.          That’s one of the main reasons why we sit behind our desks at the office for long hours and at times, deal with things that we honestly wouldn’t keep up with otherwise. It’s, in fact, what makes some of us fritter away our hard-earned money in Ponzi schemes and get-rich-quick scams hoping to have all that glitters.


It cannot be denied that money is an essential part of leading a comfortable life or shall we say a worry-free lifestyle. And that’s just enough money to make ends meet, put food on the table and pay the bills without much hassle. Now, imagine those few individuals amongst us who have loads upon loads of cash lying somewhere in a bank just waiting to be spent. Well, we’re talking about billionaires; the very rich individuals who have so much that they can purchase a super yacht on a whim! These are individuals who are so rich that they can make their great grandchildren multi-millionaires and still have so much buck to throw here and there on the best things that this world can possibly provide.


Do you probably grasp the terrible power that billionaires have in their hands? Apart from the best houses, cars, planes and yachts of this world, billionaires have the financial power of doing some of the most bizarre things you’ll ever hear or come across. Have you ever heard the story of a wealthy man who once had his worker fly on a private jet to the other side of the country to buy him six strawberries that cost a total of $100? To make it even more absurd, he only ate three and gave the rest to the worker for his trouble. It seems like billionaire have become bored of buying normal things and are now taking their craziness to a whole new awful level….


Here are some of the goofiest billionaire moves. They might be a little out of touch with reality and absolutely weird, especially when you take into account that the rest of us have to act within the confines of budgets.


25. Stewart Ruhr: A Billionaire’s Guide to Getting Banned from Nobu



Nobu, the sushi chain of restaurants is so synonymous with celebrities and the wealthy that you wouldn’t expect a billionaire to be banned from any of its joints. On the contrary, let’s just say that New York pharmacy billionaire, Stewart Ruhr, isn’t reading from the same page. In 2012, Ruhr was banned from the celebrity-popular restaurant in New York after allegedly threatening to kill the joint’s manager.


It was reported that the billionaire made a scene at the restaurant after finding a group sitting at what he considered his favorite table. Ruhr wanted the group to move to a different table and even offered to foot their bills, but they refused. An extremely angered Ruhr proceeded to send a cap-lock tirade email of complaint to the restaurant’s owner, Drew Nieporent. At the end of it, the restaurant’s management had no otherwise, but to ban him from their restaurant. Couldn’t they just resolve their differences amicably? We’ll never know.