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Inside the World of Billionaires: 25 of the Most Eccentric Billionaire Moves

Shelby Chau / July 5, 2017

24. Wang Sicong: For the Love of His Dog




Wang Sicong. Does that name sound familiar? Probably not.  Well, Sicong is the son of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin. Known as everyone’s favorite fuerdai (a group of China’s second generation rich individuals), Sicong is widely known for his unconventionality and shenanigans. We’re talking about a young money who is capable of blowing more money in a single night than many of us will ever earn in our entire lives!


Do not be surprised. His father, Jianlin, has a lot of money to spend and has been throwing it around. The elder Wang recently bought a $105 million property on London’s exclusive billionaire row, as well as a film studio in Hollywood and reportedly has no problem with his son throwing around what we assume he’d refer to as some few coins. Back to Sicong’s eccentricity, he once caused outrage in China when he ludicrously hired an entire resort to celebrate his birthday. Nevertheless, many of us would consider that a wise move if you consider that he once bought his beloved dog not just one brand new iPhone 7, but eight of them!


To be honest, the dog, which is apparently named Coco, is one lucky animal. To be the proud owner of eight iPhones that must have cost around $12,000 is no mean feat. Don’t forget that Coco also owns two pricey gold Apple watches. In posing with his eight brand new iPhones, Sicong captioned the photo on his dog’s Weibo account; “I seriously do not understand all the show-off posts on social media. What’s the point? Don’t make me do it!” There’s no doubt that the dog definitely cuts much above the rest of us.