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Instant Translation Device Perfect for Travel

Ben Migono / February 14, 2017

Who doesn’t love to travel?


It’s a great experience to go to new places, see new sights, experience different cultures, but what makes travel challenging at times are the language barriers. If we travel to a foreign country that doesn’t speak English, things can get pretty tricky, but that’s why ili was created.


The Japanese company, Logbar, dreamed of a world with no language barriers, changing the way we would travel the world and came up with the idea of instant translation.


Here’s a video of two travellers using ili in Tokyo



They developed ili, a wearable translator device that can recognize your voice and instantly translate it. The translation tool is designed for easy use and has a built in two-directional microphone, and cancels out surrounding noise.


ili has a compact design and an intuitive user interface and operates much like a walkie talkie. Simply press and hold the main center button while speaking, and release it when you’re done. A speaker is built in the back so as you hold up the device, the other party can hear the translation.


What makes this even more incredible is the fact that ili can be used literally anywhere. That’s right. It can be used offline, so no need to find an internet connection or find a Wi-Fi hot spot. While you’re traveling it can be hard to find a reliable connection, so being able to use this translation technology totally makes this worth it.


Here’s a video on how the technology behind ili.



ili is also incredibly fast. It can translate words or phrases within 0.2 seconds. What helps speed up the process is that the device is loaded with a database or library of commonly used phrases, which help minimize errors.


The creators designed ili to give travelers and other users a seamless translation experience with clear sound, optimized translation speeds, and the ability to use the device right away.


ili devices are definitely changing the travel experience, and they are being made available in the US as early as June 2017.


Featured image via ili