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Jackie Chan: Rush Hour 4 Will Happen… If Chris Tucker Agrees

Steve Porter / October 20, 2017

For fans of the Rush Hour action-comedy series, this is music to your ears. When asked about the possibility for Rush Hour 4, Jackie Chan confirmed that it’s on – as long as Chris Tucker agrees. The script has got made it to the second draft and if things go will, it’ll probably start next year.


While on the “The Cruz Show” on Power 106, Jackie stated that the pair have turned down scripts for the 4th installment of Rush Hour since they weren’t up to their standards. Although Tucker hasn’t officially come on board yet, Chan says that it doesn’t mean he’s holding out for more money. Instead, he says that it’s more about timing, more so about having the time to make the film.



Jackie has asked Chris that before they get old, “Please do Rush Hour 4.” Tucker revealed in a separate interview that they’ve been in discussion about the movie before, but if they do they really want to go back to the feel of the first movie. No objections here!


Rush Hour was originally released in 1998 followed by the sequel in 2001. 2007 saw Rush Hour 3, but it didn’t have the same success as the first two.


How do you feel about a potential Rush Hour 4?


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