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Japanese Engineers Create Real Transformer Car: VIDEO

admin / May 4, 2018

Japanese engineers have revealed a real Transformer: a robot that can transform from a walking robot into a car that can fit two passengers.

The 12-foot tall robot is called J-deite RIDE and can transform between a walking robot, complete with head and arms, and a two-seat sports car. It can walk at a speed of approximately 100 meters per hour or drive on all four wheels. The transformation process takes around a minute. J-deite RIDE was built by Brave Robotics under the direction of CEO Kenji Ishida, inspired by his love of anime. Ishida co-developed the project with cell company Asratec and roller coaster manufacturer Sansei Technologies.

While we’ve seen other “transformers” in the past, most have been little more than engineering marvels—folding or unfolding, but without the ability to drive or move or hold any passengers. J-deite RIDE’s creators claim this is this first transformer that can hold people. They’ve only tested it inside their factory warehouse and, well, we doubt it’s safe to drive on public roads, but this is still super cool. Watch the transformation below from World News: