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Jeremy Lin Suffers Knee Injury, Career At Risk

Ben Migono / October 20, 2017

Not sure what’s happening this year on NBA courts, but only a day after Gordon Hayward suffered a season ending fracture in his ankle, another devastating injury happened – this time to Brooklyn Nets guard, Jeremy Lin


Brooklyn was taking on the Indiana Pacers when Lin went up for lay-up in the team’s regular-season opener in the fourth quarter


The heartbreaking moment can be seen here:



While these athletes are gifted enough to play at the highest professional levels, they’re still human after all. When Lin realizes the magnitude of his injury, the camera was able to catch him mouth the words, “I’m done, I’m done,” before breaking down into tears.


We’ve learned that Lin suffered a ruptured patella tendon in his right knee:



A specialist has told The Post that Lin could return to the court next year, but he’s also cautious in saying that the 29-year-old will ever fully recover. The reason being is that a number of things have to be spot on in order for Lin to return to his former self. Once it’s healed back into place, it also has to have the right amount of tension in the tendon. If it heals and is too loose, the knee cannot sustain as much impact in the knee, no matter how strong your quads are.


Results will vary per individual, but we’re wishing him the best in his recovery.


Featured image via netsdaily