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Jimmy Fallon Interacts With Artificial Intelligence Robotics

Shelby Chau / April 26, 2017

On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host held a segment which showcases robotics and innovations from around the world. The segment titled, Tonight Showbotics.



The talk show host first introduced the Snakebot from Carnegie Mellon University, created by professor of robotics, Howie Choset.


The Snakebot was designed to solve real world problems, and be used as a tool for search and rescue workers, inspection in nuclear power plants, and even to be used in surgery. With its snakelike movements, it is able to maneuver and get into hard to reach places, as well as climb things, built with a camera at its head.


With a live demonstration, the Snakebot was able to climb onto Jimmy Fallon’s leg and show the audience what it say through the camera.


For more info about the Snakebot, you can check out this clip:



Jimmy then introduced David Hanson, CEO and founder of Hanson Robotics, and his social robot, Sophia, built with artificial intelligence.


The life-like robot is able to process conversational, visual and emotional data, recognize facial expressions, and form relationships with people. The real world applications for this kind of robotics includes, serving in health care, education, therapy, and customer service.


Sophia was able to show facial expressions, smile, laugh, tell jokes, and even play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Fallon. She even made him feel nervous.


To see more, check out this video:



Finally, we were introduced to the eMotion butterflies, developed in Germany. These bionic butterflies, made out of carbon fibre are built with artificial intelligence, and are designed to fly autonomously and collision-free.



We just hope these robotics do end up helping us, not like in the movies, where something goes wrong and they end up turning against humanity. Let’s just cross our fingers.