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Justin Trudeau Challenges Matthew Perry On April Fools’ Day

Arin Spits / April 4, 2017

Let’s flashback to a month ago when Friends alum, Matthew Perry, revealed to Jimmy Kimmel (and the world) that he once beat up the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He definitely wasn’t bragging about it, but while as a fifth grader, he beat up Trudeau with a friend of his.



Perry was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, but was raised by his mother in Ottawa, Ontario, when his parents divorced before he even reached his first birthday. His mother found work as a press secretary to then Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father.


Justin and Matthew attended Rockcliffe Park P.S., a primary school in Ottawa where many children of politicians and ambassadors attend. At the time of the incident, Perry was a few years older than Trudeau, but the reason was due to jealously. Apparently, Justin was excelling at a sport and Perry and his friend weren’t doing as well.


Since that time, there has been silence coming out from Trudeau’s camp, that is, until this past weekend when Canada’s PM posted this to Twitter:



Perry responded:



Smart move, Chandler, smart move.


Featured image via ctvnews (The Canadian Press / The Associated Press)