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Learn More About Lady Gaga’s Battle With Fibromyalgia

Diana Rolland / September 22, 2017

If you wanted to see Lady Gaga live during her European Tour, you may have already heard he bad news that she postponed it because of severe physical pain. Just last week, she was sent to the hospital and has to cancel her Rock in Rio show – revealing afterwards that she suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.


Now, many people may not know what fibromyalgia is. It’s often misunderstood because the illness is characterized by excessive fatigue and chronic pain – where no causes are known. Fibromyalgia sufferers normally feel pain from head to toe, in their joints and muscles, and can be long-lasting. However, there’s no inflammation to go along with the pain.



Aside from the pain, patients would cite fatigue, bladder, bowel and abdominal issues. There may be headaches and sleep issues. And even if they do ‘sleep’, it’ll be restless because they’ll have a lot of tingling and numbness in their bodies.


Aside from the physical complaints, some suffer from a host of cognitive issues as well. Sometimes small memory issues come into play – something that’s called fibro fog. Symptoms in fibromyalgia sufferers can vary from patient to patient, but if they get all of them at once it could be devastating.


So, that’s the short version of it. If you want a closer look into Lady Gaza’s battle with pain, check out the Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two.


Featured image via ew (Netflix)