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Let’s Get This Man Free Wendy’s Nuggets For A Year!

Arin Spits / April 12, 2017

His name is Carter Wilkerson, a 16-year old high school student from Reno, Nevada who recently stepped on the viral train thanks to his tweet to Wendy’s official Twitter account.


His question was simple. How many retweets does he need to get before they will offer a free year’s worth of chicken nuggets?



The moment Wendy’s replied with a number (an insanely high number of 18 million retweets), the challenge was ON.



Carter put up the interaction in a separate tweet and he was off to the races.



Once he surpassed the 1 million mark, Wendy’s started feeling the heat.



Some of the world’s biggest companies got in on the action too.



The current world record for retweets is 3.2 million from Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie. In order to get his nuggets, Wilkerson needs to beat it – by A LOT. Even if he can’t make it to 18 million, having the most retweeted tweet of all time as a consolation prize isn’t a bad way to make a name for yourself.



Featured image via twitter (carterjwm)