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Listen, J. Lo Does Not Photoshop Her Abs

Arin Spits / July 13, 2017

If anyone has perfect abs, it’s Jennifer Lopez. She’s 47-years old, but she’s looking as youthful as ever. The “I’m Real” singer showed off her exceptionally toned midsection for her Instagram followers and people were quick to hit the troll button.


Sporting a GUESS sweatshirt and drawstring pants, the main focus of the snap, however, was her six-pack. But take a closer look and you’ll see a blotch near her elbow. And usually the Internet police will come calling whenever something unusual is noticed.


Photoshop!! Photoshop!! Photoshop!!


Ayyyyy… ?

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The pitchforks were ready. However, J. Lo was quick to point out that it was just a smudge – people need to chill. Can’t we just give credit where credit is due? To maintain that level of physique at any age is respectable so rather than bring negativity, everyone should be praising the actress/dancer/singer/fashion designer/author, and oh yeah, producer.


At least one person had her back, and that was famed personal trainer, Tracy Anderson. They’ve been training together for years and Anderson says her abs look even better in person. There’s no quick fixes to her body. She says J. Lo will work out anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week and there’s a lot of hard work that goes into that body.


Still think it’s photoshopped?