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Microsoft Pioneers New Controller For Gamers With Physical Disabilities

Jonathan Tao / May 21, 2018

If you thought the Microsoft Xbox controller was just a little too large, imagine how frustrating it must be for gamers with physical impairments. Microsoft has revealed a new controller developed for gamers with disabilities, featuring an incredible variety of different assistive controls designed to allow anyone to play the Xbox.

Traditional controllers require a fine degree of manual dexterity to manipulate sensitive joysticks and buttons. The Xbox Adaptive Controller allows users to create a customized controller using a variety of different input methods that replace the traditional joysticks, triggers, and buttons. The Adaptive Controller starts with a base unit with a selection of mounts. Users can connect assistive switches (very large color-coded buttons), pedals, toggles, and handheld joysticks to the base unit using 3.5mm and USB jacks. Each jack corresponds to a specific control (like the X, Y, A, and B buttons, triggers, or bumpers). Users can remap the assistive controls using an app or just plug-and-play using the jacks. It’s a simple and easy way to “build your own” controller that fits your physical needs.

Check out this video to see how it all fits together! The Adaptive Controller will be out later this year and will cost $100, approximately double the cost of a regular controller. We bet many gamers will buy one just to experiment on unique controller setups for fighting and music games.