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Move Over Jennifer Lawrence, You’re No Longer The World’s Highest-Paid Actress

Shelby Chau / August 21, 2017

The Hunger Games star no longer lays claim to the title of world’s highest paid actress. Instead, that honor now goes to recent Academy Award winner for Best Actress in La La Land, Emma Stone.


On Forbes’ annual list that outlines the highest paid actresses in the world, Lawrence has been the Queen of the hill for the past two years. This year, however, she fell two spots to the #3 position after she earned only $24 million in the past year. We say only because that’s that number is just slightly more than half of what she made in 2016 ($46 million). Most of her income was due in part to an endorsement deal with Dior, plus a couple of upcoming movies in Mother! and Red Sparrow.



The fall from grace wasn’t too bad though. Stone, who took over the top spot this year, earned around $26 million with most of that coming from the success of La La Land. No 2. spot holder Jennifer Aniston, made $25.5 million with most of that coming from endorsement deals with Aveeno, Smartwater, and Emirates. She also had a role in the movie The Yellow Birds.


To round out the top 5 on Forbes’ list, Melissa McCarthy was 4th making an estimated $18 million in the past 12 months while Mila Kunis held down the 5th spot, earning an estimated $15.5 million.


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