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Mozilla Offering $2 Million For A Decentralized Internet

Steve Porter / July 18, 2017

Are we ready for a decentralized Internet?


Mozilla seems to think so. In fact, they’re even offering a $2,000,000 bounty to the people who try to make this a reality. But what does it all mean? It all comes down to connectivity – and the biggest benefit to a decentralized network will be seen by those who need connectivity the most: disaster victims and rural communities.


In highly populated areas, getting a WiFi signal or an ethernet connection is relatively easy. And while most of us reading this right now may take this connectivity for granted, most of the people around the world (read: 4 billion) won’t even have reliable access to the Internet.


Think about what happens in a disaster. If something happens and local infrastructure is destroyed, a decentralized network could be crucial in aiding rescue efforts and allowing survivors to contact family members. You can imagine Twitter would be blowing up too.



If you’ve seen HBO’s Silicon Valley, the idea of a peer-to-peer Internet made its way on to the latest season. And while the dream is certainly a crazy idea, one day it actually might become a reality. In Mozilla’s case, they’re just trying to get it going sooner rather than later