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Munenori Kawasaki Makes Wildly Entertaining Commercial

Ben Migono / February 28, 2017

Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays have known about Munenori Kawasaki before it was cool. He’s a Japanese-born professional baseball player who spends time at the second base and shortstop positions. After securing a walk-off win for the Jays against the Baltimore Orioles on 2013, Kawasaki gave an impassioned post-game interview which actually landed him a GIBBY (Greatness in Baseball Yearly) Award for Cut 4 Topic of the Year.



Kawasaki played with the Jays from 2013-2015 and enjoyed the success the team had when they clinched the AL East title after 22 years in 2015. His legend grows.



After the 2015 season, Kawasaki became a free agent and signed a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs On January 21, 2016. Over the course of the year, he played 14 games with the club and stole two bases while batting .333 with one RBI. The Cubs ended the regular season with 103 wins and 58 losses to claim the NL Central pennant. Although Kawasaki was ineligible for the playoffs, he still was able to celebrate with the team as they won their first World Series after a 108-year title drought.


Now that he’s a World Series champion, he’s probably spent a little time away from the sport, or how about starring in a Japanese commercial for an alcoholic drink.


The commercial itself is only 15 seconds, but the remainder of the video is spent on showing the out-takes. It’s best if you watch it for yourself!