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Netflix: Dave Chappelle’s Collection 1 The Most Viewed Comedy Special Ever

Arin Spits / April 21, 2017

Dave Chappelle made his return to stand-up comedy after a twelve-year hiatus, and apparently viewers gobbled it up. Netflix has stated that the Chappelle’s Show creator has made a triumphant return and that Collection 1 has become the network’s most viewed comedy special ever.


In Episode 1 of the Collection titled Age of Spin, Chappelle is recorded at the Hollywood Palladium and it was his first time doing a show in L.A. in 10 years. His stage presence remains as strong as ever and he continued to utilize racial comedy and controversy – the same approach which made him famous. Some of the jokes centered around Bill Cosby, women, and the LGBT community – which didn’t set well with some. Not that it mattered to Chappelle or Netflix though, any buzz was good buzz.



In 2016, the Half Baked star returned to television to host an episode of Saturday Night Live. Shortly after, reports surfaced that Dave signed a three-special deal with Netflix worth around $60 million. The first two are from Chappelle’s own collection – they were previously recorded, but never released, are the one’s available now. The Hollywood Palladium show was recorded in March 2016 and the second episode at Austin City Limits was filmed in April 2015. The third special will be an original special produced exclusively for Netflix.


So, did you help Chappelle become Netflix’s most watched comedy special? What did you think?


Featured image via vulture (Lester Cohen/WireImage/Netflix)