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Discover Overwatch’s Hero 28: “Wrecking Ball”

Steve Porter / June 29, 2018

Overwatch’s latest hero is a terrifying hamster ball of destruction—literally. Blizzard has teased a new addition to their roster for the past week and revealed the new character yesterday. Known as “Wrecking Ball,” the new hero is a furious furball in a mechanized hamster ball.

Wrecking Ball is a new Tank that can transform between a bipedal combat mode and a mobile roll mode. He’s armed to the teeth with machine guns and a grappling claw. The mech is commanded by Hammond, a.k.a. Specimen 8, a genetically modified hamster from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Created in the same facility as one of the game’s first heroes, Winston, Hammond escaped from the moon colony and crash-landed in Junkertown where he reengineered his escape pod into a powerful weapon!

Blizzard has released an update detailing the new character. Check it out!