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People Found Out How To Get Dark Theme For YouTube

Steve Porter / April 16, 2017

What do you do before you go to sleep? Like many others around the world, you might end the night by staying up to watch cat videos on YouTube. The only problem with that is the bright white background which is synonymous with the online video sharing platform.


Well, that’s all about to change.


Some tech savvy users over on reddit have managed to find out that YouTube actually has ‘dark’ theme to keep the brightness down. However, it does require a little bit of skill to navigate through the process. But as long as you can follow some simple steps, you should be fine.



There’s a couple things you need to know.


First, your Google Chrome must be updated to the latest version (read: v57 and on). Then, you need to know how to open the developer window. This can be achieved by pressing Option + Command + I on Mac and Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows.


Once you complete the instructilns of placing the the code into the proper spots. You’ll have yourself a nifty dark mode toggle to use whiye by day and dark by night. If you really wanna be rebellious, just leave it dark all the time.