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Pokemon GO Is Alive And Well

Steve Porter / November 21, 2017

The augmented reality game that was an overnight success in 2016 is still going strong. The company launched their latest event with global goals, and now players have caught over 500 million Pokemon in less than 2 days.


The event called the Global Catch Challenge on Sunday which will tally all Pokemon caught during the event with the main objective being the 3 billion mark. That’s A LOT of Pokemon! In exchange, players will be getting prizes in return for their efforts.



One of the more notable prizes are the release of region-locked Pokemon that will become available for a short period of time following the completion of the objective. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be able to travel to ‘catch ’em all’ so by unlocking these elusive Pokemon even for just for the stated 48 hours will entice users to come back and fill up their Pokedexes. If you’re looking for a Farfetch’d or Kangaskhan (if you’re in East Asia) for example, you might want to help your fellow trainers out because you only have until November 26th to complete your mission.



All players have achieved the first tier of rewards for 500M catches which unlocks 2x XP and 6hr lures. At 1.5 billion catches, players will receive tier 1 rewards + 2x stardust. At 3 billion catches, everyone will get Tier 2 rewards and Farfetch’d will be available worldwide and those in East Asia also get a chance to capture Kangaskhan.


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