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President Trump’s Handshake With PM Justin Trudeau Went Viral

Arin Spits / February 13, 2017

On February 23th, 2016, President Trump met Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, for the first time. And while we’re not going into detail about what came out of their meeting, people around the Internet are praising the PM for not giving into Trump’s ‘handshake’. Don’t know what that means? Take a look at the following imgur album:


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You’ll notice that Trump always has a firm grip and at one point will pull the other person toward him an in act (probably) to assert his dominance. In Trudeau’s case, it looks like he came prepared. Just watch:



Now, let’s break it down. There were to things that worked for Trudeau. Firstly, he uses his left arm to brace himself for the pull. It’s a nice way of keeping the handshake in neutral territory. Secondly, Trudeau keeps his arm at a 90 degree angle and close to his body in order to maintain leverage. It would’ve been easier to get pulled if his arm was extended.


Source: cbc (Carlos Barria/Canadian Press)


Such a small event, but Twitter had a field day.



Featured image via vice