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Restaurant Delivers Your Meal On A Rollercoaster

Shelby Chau / February 11, 2017

The Rollercoaster Restaurant is a chain of restaurants, owned by HeineMack GmbH, that create a fun, unique dining experience where food is sent to each table by rollercoaster tracks. This special delivery system is patented and these restaurants under the franchise use the rollercoaster tracks.


It’s basically a rollercoaster for your food. Here’s the perspective from the food, whipping around the tracks.



The popular and unique restaurant is open to guests to enjoy the food and the dining experience, targeting families and other thrill seekers. Diners can digitally order their food and beverages using touch-screen tablets at each table.


The meals are prepared and made in the kitchen and then placed in stainless steel pots which are sent through the network of rollercoaster tracks and delivered to each table.


Here’s a look into the restaurant at the Alton Towers location.



The stainless steel rollercoaster tracks include multiple loops, turns, and spirals and the trays that travel through the tracks are powered only by the force of gravity.


There are currently 8 locations spread across Europe and the Middle East. Many of the restaurants are located in or near a theme park. There are locations at the Alton Towers Resort in UK, Sochi in Russia, Dresden, Europa-Park, and Hamburg located in Germany, Vienna in Austria, Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, and Abu Al-Hasania in Kuwait.


Featured image via Rollercoaster Restaurant